Monday, January 21, 2013

Necessary Evil

Today I encountered a product at Wal-Mart that made me incredibly proud to be a ‘Merican citizen. Ladies and gentlemen I saw a box of “Grapples”! What is a Grapple you ask? Well a grapple is a regular old apple that has been tampered with so that it “crunches like an apple but tastes like a grape” which is a direct quote from the packaging. Essentially it is an apple that has been coated with horrible artificial flavors to make it taste different than a normal apple. The reason this makes me proud to be an American is because there is no other place on Earth you would encounter such a product that makes a statement so ridiculous. Basically this product says “I’m not satisfied with the apple how can I better this perfect fruit”. In other parts of the world people are satisfied with an plain old apple, you know because they are starving, but not here in America. Being the schmuck that I am, I purchased the apples (4 for $3.98). Essentially these apples taste just like you would think, an apple that has been soaked in grape Shasta pop for about a week and a half.

I am behind in my write-ups so this will be the only blog post with a good idea behind it for the day the rest will be just story summaries.

Elliptical: 575 calories, 3.51 miles

Necessary Evil
Quark is attacked in his bar after retrieving a list of names from a wall in an old chemist shop on the station. The shop belonged to a woman named Vaatrick and her husband. The husband was murdered on the station a number of years earlier. The story is told in a series of flashbacks to the original investigation and the current investigation. In the past we learn that this was Odo’s first investigation on the station and how he met Kira. It turns out that the Vaatrick woman believed Kira was having an affair with her husband and then shot him but Kira denies this was the case. When pressured Kira confesses to being a member of the underground and was sent on the station to sabotage the oar processing plant. Odo is convinced of this and no one is convicted of the crime.  In the present the names on the list are being put together and they all appear to be paying the Vaatrick woman great sums of money for some reason. A few of them are even beginning to mysteriously die. Soon after an attempt is made on Quark’s life but the murder is caught the Vaatrick woman states that she is innocent and Odo believes her because he has already figured I out. It seems the list was a group of collaborators who worked with the Cardassians during the occupation and gained profit from the deal. Odo has also figured that Kira really was the murder from all those years ago and that she was sent to kill the collaborator. Odo and Kira must now confront the lie that has been between them for years. 

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  1. Ew, that apple sounds gross, but I'm glad you were brave enough to try it because the description had me curious in a horrified kind of way. I think most people are more than happy with a plain old apple (at least I am), but clearly there was someone who was too bored one day and wondered how he could combine his two favorite fruits!