Sunday, February 3, 2013


Is there a game on today or something? I don’t know really but I’ve had a great day. I spent a good deal of it on the couch and then went to go see a movie with a friend. We saw Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, which only reminded me how much I adore good/bad movies. The film was so ridiculous and poorly written and broke my favorite rule. That rule being modern vernacular being used in older period movies, such as the phrase “keep cool” and “I fucking hate that shit” being used in 1700’s Bavaria. Once I got home from the movie I found I lost all of the contact information on my phone so now I have the joyful task of going through and reading text messages to add the numbers.

Sisko and O’Brien are surveying uninhabited solar systems around the Bajoran system for possible Federation settlements. They locate a planet that already seems to have a settlement but there is a duonetic field in place that will disable all electronic devices. Upon beam down the two men find the extent to which the field operates and learn that they are now trapped until a rescue comes for them. Sisko and O’Brien are discovered and introduced to Alixus, the settlement’s leader. They are welcomed with open arms but asked to simply help out around the fields until the rescue comes. On the station Kira and Dax attempt to get in touch with the runabout but they are unable to so they leave the station to track down the missing crew members. On the planet Sisko and O’Brien are finding it difficult to adjust to their new temporary home which includes corporal punishment and even the sexual advances of the women folk. Sisko and O’Brien are becoming more nervous about Alixus and her near obsession with the colony and how it all seems to be a bit too perfect to be a coincidence. Kira and Dax find the runabout and track it back to the colony. O’Brien gets in trouble from Alixus but instead of punishing him she decides that Sisko must go into the punishment box which he decides to stay in to make a point. While Sisko is in the box O’Brien finds an artificial duonetic device and disables it. He reveals that everything was a plan on Alixus’ part to get these people stranded on the planet to live out her vision of the perfect human existence. In the end Kira and Dax show up and Alixus and her son are arrested for their part in the founding of the colony. The real pisser is that the dumb ass settlers decide to stay even after they have been lied to for the last ten years. WTF? 

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