Friday, February 15, 2013

Blood Oath

So there has been a big ole health scare in my world this week. On Wednesday after lunch I had some trouble focusing my eyes, which then degraded into loosing peripheral vision in my left eye and even just total blurriness in my eyes. I went to the doctor’s office and then went to the opthomologists office and got cleared. Yesterday I had an MRI taken and got the word today that I am all clear. It looks like I just had a migraine and that is the end of the story there. I am hopeful that is all it was and that I can then just move on from there.

Elliptical Machine- Good Results Were had at a 4:30am when I woke up after sleeping for ten hours

Blood Oath
Deep Space Nine is visited by three Klingon legends, Kang, Koloth and Kor and soon after Dax is thick as thieves with these men. Apparently Kurzon was a close friend of all three of these Klingons so therefore by extension so is Jadzia. It turns out that these four shared a blood oath to avenge the death of Kang’s son who was Dax’s godson. The murder was an Albino who has alluded the group for at least 25 years. Jadzia is conflicted as to wether or not to attempt to join in the vengance and eventually she decides that she must participate. She then must convince the group that she can go along. The four make their way to the Albino’s layer but something is a miss with the whole situation and Dax calls Kang out on the situation. Apparently  Kang made a deal with the Albino for an honorable death. Dax and the guys change their plan and make a successful attack. Koloth, and Kang both die but Dax and Kor make a return to the station.

This is an absolute delight of an episode because we get to see these three characters from Star Trek the Original Series return and have a grand old time on screen. 

The Guys in the 60's
The Guys in the 90's 

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