Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Collaborator

Well the roof has stopped leaking and it appears that my roof needs some serious revamping this summer. This is the joy of an association though because they are going to cover the whole thing. I’m thoroughly looking forward to the Oscar ceremony tonight. I have not seen that many of the year’s nominated films to be honest but I love the spectacle of the night. I’m pulling for Skyfall to win in all of its categories tonight and at the very least best original song.

4 Miles on the treadmill today.

The Collaborator
The show opens with an orb dream featuring Vedek Bareil and in the end a dead man in a Vedek’s robes. Bareil is on a visit to the station to spend some time with Kira before the Vedek assembly votes for the next Kai; an honor which Bareil is the front runner. At the very same time a man comes on board the station and is immediately recognized as one of the Bajorans who was a Cardassian collaborator during the occupation. This man was an attaché between the Cardassians and the Bajoran government and he was responsible for assigning fellow Bajorans to the labor camps. The man is exhiled from Bajor and Kira intends to deny him the right to return home but her order is overthrown by Vedek Winn. Winn provides him with asylum and intends to return him to Bajor. Winn reveals that she has new information about a massacre that happened years ago during the occupation and she believes that Vedek Bareil is the collaborator who gave the location of the rebel base. Kira begins and investigation and soon after discovers that Bareil has indeed wiped several files that implicate him in the massacre. Kira is about to go public with her findings even though she doesn’t want to because she loves him, when he decides to withdraw from the election. The newly elected Kai Winn takes over as the spiritual leader of Bajor but Kira is not satisfied with the results of her investigation. She continues searching for answers and finds that he could not have been involved because Bareil was off the planet when the massacre happened. Bareil reveals that he was covering for Opaka who allowed the location of the base to be revealed in order to save thousands of other Bajoran lives. The show ends with Kira and Bareil reconciling and going off to congratulate the new Kai, even though they are both unsure of her plans for Bajor. 

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