Sunday, February 10, 2013

Playing God

I have been liberated ladies and gentlemen! I no longer suffer from unsightly back hair which I have suffered from for as long as I can remember. Back hair is disgusting and nasty and worst of all it is on your back a place that most normal people cannot reach on their own, which is a shame. Why exactly are some of us men cursed with this infliction? I used to think it had to do with our ethnic background but I do have other friends of Scandanavian, German, and British descent who are practically hairless. BASTARDS! I then thought it had to do with being overweight and that if you are fat your body feeds the hair cells and therefore you are a furry mammal. This theory I think came into thought because of all the exercise commercials where you see a fat guy with hair and then the same guy thin and suddenly he is hairless. I will freely admit that I had never thought to myself “Oh yeah they must shave as they get thin!” So this has left only one hypothesis, those of us with back hair are simply less evolved than others. This all being said I have grown to love having a hairy chest and stomach as it looks good but the hair on the back is my enemy. I have done everything from having friends NAIR my back, to home waxing and once I even spent $90 to have it done at a spa. Those days are behind me, and so is my back hair. Yesterday in the mail a MANGROOMER deluxe arrived, which is an electric razor with an extension wand so that I can reach my entire back on my own. You all don’t know how happy this makes me because now I have control over something on my body that has bothered me for as long as I can remember. To a certain subculture of gay men this blog post is blasphemy I know but back hair is just nasty boys. I do love a good hairy chest but no back hair and I’m sure most everyone would agree.

Elliptical Machine: Calories: 550, Miles: 3.23

Playing God
Dax is playing host to a Trill initiate, a young man named Arjin who wants to become joined with a symbiant. The young man is very nervous, shy, prim and proper, and has clearly spent his whole life working towards a goal without truly experiencing life. He first meets Dax and is taken aback by her approach to life, gambling, wrestling, joking and making light of most everything. The two leave on an away mission into the Gama Quadrant  and snag something on their nacel so they head back to the station. Once back at the station Dax shows up on the bridge and assists O’Brien and Kira deal with a Cardassian Vole problem. Apparently the voles are eating different systems of the ship and causing problems all over the station. The snag from the runabout is transferred to a holding field in the lab but due to the voles the field is destroyed. The object in questions turns out to be a new universe that is showing signs of life. The universe that is growing will continue expanding and engulf the entire know universe when it grows. During this crisis somehow Dax finds time to tell Arjin that she is concerned that he is not ready to be a joined Trill and he flips out at her and things are awkward for a few moments. Meanwhile the universe continues to expand and Sisko decides not to destroy it but to return it to the Gama Quadrant where it belongs. Dax convinces Arjin to be her pilot and the two successfully navigate the wormwhole free from the computer and all is set right. In the end Dax changes her mind about Aarjin and the two part ways very amicably.

It is funny how sometimes you see a show and it relates to what is happening in your life. I have a student intern at school at the moment and it is going fairly well so I am glad that I don’t have the issues Dax and Aarjin are facing. 

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