Monday, February 4, 2013


Mondays are possibly my least favorite day of the week simply because they are so long. I have been going nonstop since about six o’clock this morning and I’ll hopefully be in bed in the next hour or so. I often think I should quit the evening job but the money is just too good to pass up and worth the long hours.

Dax and Odo are in the Gama Quadrant investigating a mysterious particle field surrounding a planet. Upon beam down the pair investigate a village but are apprehended by the town’s chief of police. They soon convince the chief that they are not there to cause any problems and begin to help him with a mystery that has been plaguing the village. Apparently 22 people have disappeared over the last few months and no one knows where they have gone. Dax and Odo begin to explore all the possibilities and but hey begin to find more questions than they have answers. Of note is that Odo discovers that none of the villagers have ever left the valley area. Also when Dax, Odo and a young girl attempt to leave the valley the girl begins to disappear in front of their eyes but reappears when she moves back. Odo and Dax reveal that everyone is a hologram in the village and they agree to restart the program. Once the program is shut down one man remains and he reveals that he started the program after the Dominion took over his home world. The program is restarted and the villagers continue on with their lives.

Meanwhile back on the station Kira interrupts yet another illegal business interaction of Quark’s. In the matter of a few hours Vedek Bareil is on the station to visit Kira and the two share a wonderful few days together playing ball and having romantic dinners for two. Quark is once again caught and Kira confronts him to thank him for having Bareil visit as it was very distracting.

The show features a wonderful guest turn from Kenneth Mars, most famous for playing the bumbling chief of police from Young Frankenstein. 

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