Saturday, February 23, 2013


My roof is leaking and it is honestly the fault of my shitty ass town home association. I called last week complaining about the gigantic ice dam that has formed on my room and well they did nothing about the problem. Now due to their dumbassery I have a real problem, a leaky roof. The contractor is coming out tomorrow morning to fix the whole thing so that is at least a bit of comfort. I did spend a good chunk of my afternoon leaning out my window knocking over icicles and such to help support the ice dams getting destroyed.

Ran three miles today.
Kira and Bashir are just coming through the wormhole and they have a rough ride but make it out alive. Once they make it out the station is missing and a couple Klingons beam onto the runabout and then escort the ship to the station which is in orbit around Bajor. The pair is confronted by Garak, in a military uniform, and Kira in some odd dominatrix style cat suit. Kira in this world is known as the Intendant, and she is the commander of the station which is part of The Alliance. The Alliance is an organization consisting of Klingon, Cardassian and Bajoran power and is the major force in the quadrant.  Bashir is put to work in the Oar processing plant on the station where he meets Odo, the chief of mining operations and O’Brien, a simpleton who tinkers with the gadgets on the station. The Intendant, who is infatuated with Kira, explains the whole sordid tale of Kirk’s original visit to the Mirror Universe and how it has impacted the development of their universe. The protocol now is that if anyone from the opposite side appears they are to be killed to prevent tampering. Kira and Bashir begin working on a way out, and first they want to use the transporter since it worked for Kirk. This option fails so they plan to steal back their runabout and go through the wormhole. It is about this time that Kira meets Sisko, who in this world is a scoundrel of a pirate looking out only for himself. The Intendant plans a big party that night  and on the way to the party Garak informs Kira of his plan. His plan involves killing the Intendant and having Kira take her place until she is able to be set free to find her way back home. Kira goes along with the plan for now though she knows she doesn’t want to do it. A distraction in the mining room allows Bashir to escape with O’Brien. They make their way to the runabout and pick up Kira along the way. Kira and Bashir fight their way to the ship with the help of Sisko who provides shelter to O’Brien in exchange for his help with the machines. Using the wormhole Kira and Bashir make it back to normal.

This episode features a fun look at the Mirror Universe, a place that we haven’t seen since the episode Mirror, Mirror from the original series. Before the series ends we will be taking at least one more trip into the Mirror Universe. 

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