Monday, February 18, 2013

The Maquis, Part 1

Happy President’s Day Everyone! A day to celebrate the men who have been the president of USA and most notably celebrate the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington which are right around this time. I spent my day celebrating by cleaning the house, working out, doing a few chores, working my part time job and going to the neurologist’s office. I was given a clean bill of brain health by the doctor so that is a good sign. I am now watching The Doctor on tv as I write this post. Tomorrow I am going to start training for my ten mile run in April so the number of Star Trek posts may be fewer and a little further between for the next two months as I prepare.

Elliptical Machine- Miles: 3.75, Calories: 605

The Maquis, Part 1
The Cardassian freighter Bok Nor is just leaving Deep Space Nine when it suddenly blows up. Sisko and his team are now responsible for determining what exactly happened to the ship. Soon Sisko is visited by an old friend Commander Hudson to discuss the situation in the now demilitarized zone. Hudson is the attaché between the Federation and the colonists in that area. Hudson is convinced that the Cardassians are arming their colonists in the zone but he of course has no proof of the idea just a deep distrust of the Cardassians. Soon after Sisko is visited by Gul Dukat who believes that somehow the Federation colonists are being armed as well. The minute Sisko and Dukat arrive at the colony the witness a battle between two Cardassian ships and two Federation ships in the demilitarized zone none of which should be happening. These ships are armed more heavily that they should be which is somewhat of a mystery to both men.  Tensions begin to rise in the demilitarized zone and eventually Dukat is kidnapped and a group called the Maquis takes credit for the abduction. When Sisko and crew locate the ship that took Dukat they are confronted by the Maquis, lead by Commander Hudson.

This episode sets up the group called the Maquis, the badlands, and the demilitarized zone, all of which factor in greatly to the kick off of Star Trek Voyager. The show also features a great appearance by Bernie Casey as Commander Cal Hudson. 

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