Saturday, February 28, 2015

Live Long and Prosper Leonard Nimoy

I really cannot express how utterly sad I have been the last 24 hours since I found out about the passing of the great Leonard Nimoy. He was a great man with many talents and has touched the lives of countless numbers of people since the world was first introduced to Mr. Spock in 1966. I have never met the man and really never knew that much about him outside of his involvement in Star Trek but he has always been a hero of mine. Spock was an outsider on the show but he was utterly important to the Enterprise and it just showed that you could be different and still a part of the action Spock was always my grandmother's favorite character as well and that meant a lot to me. She is the reason I began to love Star Trek and I guess Leonard's passing reminds me of things that are gone.

After this sad news I have been binging on Star Trek. Since last night I have watched 4 episodes of the original series and I am currently on my fourth episode of Deep Space Nine for the day. I'm loving every minute of this marathon, despite its reason. 

The Bajoran first minister is on the station to complete negotiations with the Federation for Bajor's admittance to the Federation early. There has been a threat against the minister so Odo and Worf are stepping up security. The minister is making it difficult for his security to be ensured and that is made even more difficult when Kira falls for the minister. Much to the dismay of Odo who secretly has fallen for her too over the past few years. In the end Odo silently gives up and just isolates himself more than he already was. 

Kira has been ordered to attend a conference between Bajor and Cardassia to discuss strategic issues with the Klingons. Kira is shocked to see that Dukat is the one transporting her to the conference. While on the way Kira and Dukat learn that the Klingons have destroyed the conference site and killed all of the members of the delegates. Kira and Dukat turn rogue and eventually capture a Klingon Bird of Prey. Dukat plans to continue his campaign and Kira persuades him to let his daughter live on DS9 for her safety. 

Worf's brother Kern has arrived on the station and requests that his brother conduct a ritual Klingon murder. Kern and Worf's family has been disgraced and Kern feels that he has no place in the world anymore. Worf is stopped at the last moment and Kern lives. Kern continues to try find a way to die either at his own hand or at the hand of someone else. He even joins the Bajoran militia as a security officer but this does not work out. In the end Worf has Bashir wipe his memory without his knowledge and performs plastic surgery so that Kern can rejoin Klingon society as a new person. 

Rom and the rest of the employees at Quark's Bar are fed up with the horrible conditions and treatment! From a recommendation by Bashir, Rom forms a union and the employees go on strike. The Strike causes a lot of friction on the station and eventually the Ferengi FCA get involved. The Union continues forward and the FCA has the shit kicked out of Quark. In the infirmary Quark agrees to honor the demands of the union but not officially. In the end though Rom becomes a technician working for the Bajoran Militia. 

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