Sunday, March 1, 2015

Accession & Rules of Engagement

And so the Star Trek marathon has continued throughout the weekend. I have watched a few more episodes of Deep Space Nine and now I'm watching Star Trek The Motion Picture. I know the motion picture is not great but as I've gotten a little older I appreciate it a bit more than when I was a child. It is by far one of the weakest entries in the series yes but the design of the picture, the casting, the effects and the score are all very strong elements. It is a bummer that the script could not have been a bit more action packed along with the cerebral nature of the story. Instead though we are left with a two hour film that feels closer to three hours in length. One would think that they would have learned their lesson after the TV series shaky start. The pilot episode "The Cage" is light on action and very heavy on the higher level thinking which works but is not a great way to start a show. In contrast the second pilot "Where no man has gone before" is much more action with a little thought placed in the story. In a similar fashion when Star Trek 2 came around the heady thinking was left out of the picture for a more straight forward sci-fi action picture, to great results I might add.

Gym workout: Swam 20 lengths of the pool, Biked for 30 minutes and elliptical for 15 minutes.

A man comes through the wormhole in a very old Bajoran light ship and it is found that he has lost about 200 years. He proclaims that he has met the prophets and is the Emissary. Sisko willingly steps aside but begins to feel uneasy about this man's plans for Bajor. Quickly he rushes to reintroduce an old caste system that was thrown off when the Cardassians occupied Bajor. Sisko warns the government that this will mean Bajor being denied Federation membership but no one seems to care. Sisko convinces the "emissary" to enter the wormhole where the prophets essentially say they sent this man to challenge and strengthen Sisko's role as the emissary. He resumes duty and all things are back to normal on Bajor.

Rules of Engagement 
Worf is under a hearing for destroying a Klingon freighter while on a convoy mission protecting Cardassian supply ships. The Klingon government is seeking to extradite Worf and try him on the Klingon home world for war crimes. The Klingon advocate seems to be doing a pretty good job of twisting everyone's truth and knowledge into pretty condemning evidence against Worf. Worf himself doesn't do any favors for his case when he engages in a fight with the advocate. Sisko feels something is up and with Odo, discovers that the Klingon government has set this up as a sham in order to weaken the Federation and Starfleet in the quadrant's eyes. 

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