Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hard Time

Any of my regular readers know that I really try not use curse language very often but to be completely blunt today things are kinda shitty at the moment. Sunday night/Monday morning I was awoken to the sounds of my 2 year old cat Tagg howling. I looked around for him thinking he was stuck in a closet, which surprisingly happens quite a bit. He was under the bed but couldn't get himself out so I pulled him out and into my arms. He began to walk away from me and I noticed that his back legs were not working. I called my amazing sister who is a vet tech and she said to get him to the emergency clinic and before I knew it I was on my. It was quite the long 40 minute car ride with an agitated cat, tears and a lot of howling. The second we entered the door they brought me into a room and really confirmed my worst fears. This was a terminal condition caused by a blood clot. His chances for recovery were less than 20% and his chances for a reoccurrence of the problem were well over 80%. It was a very tough step to take to put him down but I can only say that it was a very easy decision to make. It was best for him to be put to rest and I knew that, even though it sucked.

My home now is quiet. I still have my 10 year old female cat, Twitter, but it is incredible how much noise a 2 year old kitten can make. I'm sad and I know this will take time to recover from. I was asked by a few people "if I needed anything" and I only gave the truthful answer to one person. It has been very soon after and a family member so I don't feel so bad for this but the truthful answer to that question was "I need my cat back!"

Why do we keep animals in our lives when we know that there is a great deal of pain involved in the parting of ways. At the moment getting another cat seems like an impossible suggestions and I don't think I will get another cat. Who knows though maybe in the future a second cat or a puppy is in my future. But all I know right now is that Tagg will be missed and can never be replaced.

Chief O'Brien has apparently committed a crime on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant and his penalty is 20 years in prison. The sentence is carried out as a series of mental implants to make him believe he has served the time but in reality only a few moments passed for him. O'Brien returns to the Deep Space Nine a broken man with a secret. He has a tough time readjusting to his life as a family man and chief of operations. He also has a secret that comes out during a moment with a phaser pointed at his own head. During his "virtual sentence' O'Brien killed his cell mate and once that secret is shared he is able to start moving past the events and get his life back in order. 

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