Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shattered Mirror, The Muse, For the Cause, To the Death

This week has very simply been extremely challenging and I really feel no need to talk about it any further. I know that makes for a very boring blog post but that is where I am at. This blog post will cover two workouts but four episodes of the show.

Friday- Mini-Triathlon: swim ⅕ mile, bike 9 miles, run 1.5 miles

Sunday- Ran 3 miles

Shattered Mirror
Jennifer from the mirror universe has come to DS9 in hopes to meet Jake Sisko and spend some time with Sisko. The captain leaves them alone for just a little while and finds that Jennifer has kidnapped Jake to the other side. When Sisko arrives on the other side he is taken into custody. It turns out that the rebels have taken over the station and have built themselves their own Defiant. They need Sisko to get it up and working before the Alliance shows up to retake the station. In the end the rebels win, Jennifer is dead and Sisko ends back home where he belongs.

The Muse
Two stories for this show that really don’t relate at all which leaves this one a bit of a shaky episode. Jake Sisko meets a mysterious woman who helps him to unlock his talent. It turns out that she is some kind of alien that unlocks people’s brains but then it ends up killing them and she ends up living forever. In the other story Lwaxana Troi arrives on the station pregnant and running away from her husband who wants to take the child and raise him only with men, as is tradition on his homeworld. As a great friend Odo protects her and eventually marries her so that her child isn’t taken away from her. In the end all is well on DS9.

For the Cause
Some important technology is on its way to the Cardassian Empire but making their way through DS9. Odo and Eddington have suspicions about Cassidy Yates, Sisko’s girlfriend. She is followed and it turns out she is smuggling for the Maquis. Eddington sets up a plan to follow her but at the last minute changes the plan. Sisko goes out to catch Cassidy but they soon realize that they have been taken away from the station for a reason. Eddington reveals that he is a Maquis operative and that the whole thing was a plan to get ahold of the technology.

To the Death
The Defiant returns to the station to find that it has been attacked by the Jem’Hadar. Sisko, Odo, Worf and Dax leave to track the Jem’Hadar into the Gamma Quadrant. Them come across a damaged Jem’Hadar ship and find the crew alive. The two crews meet on the Defiant and the Vorta leader Weyoun reveals that they were tracking the rebel Jem’Hadar who had attacked the station. The two crews work together through much tension to eliminate these rebels. In the end they are eliminated but things seems tense as the Jem’Hadar kill their leader and the Federation crew leaves for home.

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