Thursday, February 12, 2015

Starship Down

I was recently in a play and now that that is over it is what my best friend calls “time to build a machine.” Referring to making oneself more physically fit and closer to your ideals. I am taking that moniker on have decided that it is indeed time to build this machine. I’ve been doing my research and found a beginner weight lifting program that seems just perfect for me. it is very regimented and basic which will be good for me because well I know nothing about lifting weights. And lets be honest I love following a schedule, I think that is why marathon training suited me so well. The program is a two day a week plan that gradually becomes a three day a week program.

I’ve been going to the gym a bit more lately trying to get back in the swing after this torn Posterior Collateral Ligament of mine :( The one big thing that I have noticed is that there is a lot of douchebags at the gym in Zimmerman MN! Ok not a lot but definitely a few more than the gym I used to attend. And another thing, what the fuck is with men walking around completely naked in locker room. I’m not saying i completely hate it but really what is with people’s comfort levels? These people just let it all hang out and don’t give a shit, in fact i believe some of the guys are walking around in hopes of getting looked at. Well let me tell you the guys who want to be looked at are the guys you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole even if they were extremely rich. YIKES!

Workout: 25 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the elliptical

Starship Down
The basic premise of this episode is that extreme situations bring out the sharing of feelings amongst people you see every day of your life and build deeper bonds. The Defiant is in the Gamma Quadrant to negotiate a new trade deal with the Karemma when the Jem’Hadar attack. The attack sends the Defiant, Karemma ship and two Jem’Hadar vessels into the atmosphere of a nearby gas giant planet. The ship is nearly paralyzed and everyone is split up into groups. Kira is left on the bridge with Sisko who has a head injury. She must keep him awake or else he will die, so she does this by telling folk stories and praying for his life. Dax and Bashir are trapped in a conduit and have a heart to heart about how he used to chase her and now they are just good friends. Quark is stuck with the Karemma merchant and they are faced with defusing a bomb and then making a new trade agreement. Finally there is Worf and O’Brien stuck in engineering charged with gaining control of the ship and getting everyone out of there alive. Worf of course isn’t handling command too well but O’Brien gives him some advice and the cork starts to gradually come out of his ass. In the end everyone is safe and back in the Alpha Quadrant and closer than ever.

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