Saturday, February 14, 2015

Little Green Men

I think I made a friend at the gym! My faith in humanity is restored as I’ve actually met a non-douchebag at the gym. Really nothing else to report about my Friday.

Workout: Bike and Elliptical Machine

Little Green Men
Nog is about to head off to Starfleet Academy on Earth but first wants to make a small fortune so as is the case in Ferengi culture he sells his childhood belongings to anyone willing. During the sale Quark learns that his new shuttle has finally arrived after ten years of waiting. Quark graciously offers to take Nog and Rom to Earth in the new shuttle. Only after they are underway do they learn that Quark is smuggling a highly volatile chemical in hopes to sell it to weapons dealers. When they are traveling at warp speech an accident occurs and send them back in time to Earth’s past. To be specific the three Ferengi end up on a military base in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. After they are able to fix their universal translators Quark sets at striking up business with the humans in hope to take over the planet and rewrite the history of the Ferengi Business Empire. Nog and Rom just want to get back to their own time and not mess anything up. Odo also shows up as he is ever the watchdog when Quark is involved and as it turns out he was correct on a hunch the there was something wrong with Quark’s kind gesture. The three befriend an army doctor and his fiance who eventually help smuggle them back to their ship. Rom figures out how to use the blast energy from a nuclear bomb test to recreate the accident and magically all is back to normal. Nog is at the Academy, Rom is back at the bar, and Quark is in jail.

This episode is pure fun! Qark, Nog and Rom are rarely seen in this front stage as main characters and a family unit which is always a lot of bickering and hilarity. It is also fun to speculate if there were really any aliens found at the infamous Roswell crash of 1947.

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