Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Sword of Kahless

It is Valentine’s Day and I’m single.. is that enough information for the world? Actually it is not because this year I am trying to make the conscious decision not to get pissy, drunk, or moody on this meaningless holiday in the middle of February. Yes I am single but I am going to treat myself as my Valentine this year because I’ve kind of been in a relationship with myself the last 32 years and I’m not even getting that right the entire time. So I’m celebrating me this year!

On a fun side note I am so very happy, thrilled, relieved and just plain giddy! I went to the gym this morning with the intent to start running again after my PCL tear last month. I got on the treadmill really hoping that I could just do at least ½ a mile but I was able to get through an entire mile without pain. Granted the pace was an abysmal 13 minute mile but I ran the whole time and it didn’t hurt at all! I have not run a single step in the last month and I really had no clue how today would go. I also knew that running had become part of my “sanity” routine that helped me to feel better and to brighten my spirits but I guess it is a bigger part than I thought. I now just need to add another four miles before the middle of April when I have my first race of the year.

Workout: Ran 1 mile, Biked 15 minutes and Elliptical for 20 minutes

The Sword of Kahless
Kor is visiting his friend Dax on Deep Space Nine and is entertaining the crowds at Quark’s Bar with stories of his gloried past in battle. During the story Dax takes it upon herself to introduce Worf and Kor. The two hit it off over a story about the Sword of Kahless, an ancient Klingon artifact similar to the fabled holy grail. The three set off on a journey to find the sword on a remote planet in the gamma quadrant. Upon arriving there and finding the sword the three are ambushed by members of the House of Duras looking to claim the sword for themselves in order to reclaim their glory. Dax, Kor and Worf now are on the run through a series of underground mines. While trying to escape Worf and Kor begin to distrust each other and want to claim the sword for their own purposes. In the end Dax gets the three out of their and forces Worf and Kor to beam the sword into open space. This way no one has the sword and therefore it won’t turn the empire against itself.

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