Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I witnessed a new level of douchery at the gym this evening.  A man was standing in the bathroom and shaving.. HIS CHEST! Are you fucking kidding me dude? Really? Shaving your chest in a public space? Why don’t you just drop trow and wax your pubes while you are at it bud! I do continue to be shocked and appalled by the behaviors of the other patrons in the gym that I go to on a regular basis.

In other news I was called a Fucking Bastard by a kiddo at school today so that is sweet. The worst part is I didn’t even deserve but really who does deserve to be called that, except well Hitler.

Workout: Run 3 miles & Biked 15 minutes

27 people are killed at a Romulan/Federation peace conference and a Changeling is found responsible. Sisko and Odo are called to Earth to meet with Starfleet Command and the President of the Federation. Earth is found to be in a slight panic and increased security is on the rise around the planet. Sisko is placed in command of Starfleet Security and measures to screen out Changelings are put into place, much to the dismay of the President. throughout the time at Starfleet Odo discovers that a Changeling has been impersonating an Admiral at Starfleet and things become much more serious. An added benefit of the trip home means that the Sisko and Jake get to visit the aging elder Sisko who runs a restaurant in New Orleans. Joe Sisko’s health is declining and tensions among the family are high because of the stubbornness of the old man. Nog also shows up and talks about a mysterious group at the Academy called Red Squad. Things are all sorts of suspicious and then the power goes out planet wide leaving Earth defenseless.

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