Sunday, February 1, 2015


I have not been working out a lot lately and I have not run a single step since the first week in January. Dealing with injuries is not a ton of fun, let me tell you. The injury happened during a broom ball game, I was just getting on the ice and twisted and the fell down directly on my knee. OW!!! From what my doctor said it appears to be a tear in my meniscus of the left knee. I just had an MRI yesterday and I am patiently waiting for the results to get back in from the doctor. I have been told that it would be a very easy fix if surgery were needed. I am trying not to freak out and I am trying to just think of the positive things. needless to say I am done with the broom ball season, not that I was that much help to the team anyway. 

Currently I am also doing a production of the Jungle Book and we open Friday! It has been a great rehearsal period. The most fun has been playing King Louie a crazy jazz singing orangutan! The other fun part has been working behind the scenes a bit more. It is a goal of mine to start getting into directing theater and I’ve done a bit more blocking, choreographing and lighting/costume help this time. 

Workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical
Weight: 213 :(

A team of Trill scientists have come to Deep Space Nine to work on creating the first artificial wormhole. The team includes two men and a woman, who just happens to be the new host of a symbiont that used to be married the host of the Dax symbiont. Everyone on the DS9 crew and the Trill scientists are concerned that this will rekindle old love and the two will be tempted to reconnect. The only problem with the two hosts reconnecting is that this is strictly forbidden in Trill culture and penalty is exile from the Trill homeworld and the eventual death of the symbiont. As the work progresses with an initial success of an artificial wormhole, the two fall back in love. Through a series of actions Dax decides to risk the penalties and reconnect with Kahn (the former symbiont). It appears that both have decided to risk it all but then Kahn changes her mind and Dax is left in pain and alone. 

This is the ONLY ONLY ONLY example of even a semi-homosexual couple in all of Star Trek. I say semi-homosexual because it is a case of two women who used to be a heterosexual couple in their past lives. It had been said by Gene Roddenberry that he wanted their to be gay characters in Star Trek but it never happened. I accept that this was a positive step forward in 1995 when it aired but now it seems lame. On the other hand it does have a lot to say about how love is between people and that doesn’t have to be between a man and a woman. 

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