Monday, December 3, 2012


Sometimes a day starts out well enough and turns into shit! That was my day today though it truly started out well, for a Monday that is. The day at work went well but a few bombshells were dropped here and there and then had an awful therapy session with a student with ended with a few objects being thrown at my head. When you wake up and are having a bad day from the get go people say that you have “woken up on the wrong side of the bed” what is it called, other than just a bad day, when your day turns to shit after a few hours. I have tried to make an effort not to go to bed on the wrong side of the bed though so I worked out. It has helped a little but I’m still a little irked but oh well that is life I guess.

The station is playing host to a man named Croden, who recently came aboard after being found by a Klingon trade ship in the Gamma quadrant. At the same time Quark is playing host to a pair of Miradorn twins looking to sell a valuable item. During the sale Croden bursts in and kills one of the twins leaving the other one pissed off because Miradorn twins are like one being in two bodies. The living twins pledges to kill Croden before he dies himself. Meanwhile there is to be a trial but in order to make good relationships with a new planet Sisko and Dax go to his world to see if they would like him back. As it turns out Croden is wanted for a lot of crimes and they want him back so Sisko agrees to return him there within two days. During this time Odo and Croden have had several conversations mostly centered on Croden’s apparent knowledge of other changelings. In order to get Croden home and past the Miradorn Raider they use a cargo ship to mask the runabout, once in the Gamma Quadrant Odo is quickly discovered and under attack. Croden convinces Odo to go to a moon where he met a few Changelings. Odo relents but the real reason for their landing is so Croden can rescue his daughter from a stasis chamber in order to save her life. They narrowly escape the Miradorn and Odo manages to get Croden and his daughter on board a ship headed for Vulcan. Odo heads back to DS9 pensive about who he is and where his people come from. 

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