Friday, December 21, 2012

If Wishes Were Horses

Today I had to say goodbye to my Johnnie Cake, my puppy of the last 13 years. It was a decision made to put her out of her misery due to her declining health and physical status. I got Johnnie when I was in 10th grade and though I was away at college and living here at my house for most of that time she was always my dog and brightened up when I came home. I truly miss her and can’t believe that she is gone. The shitty part is that my mom had to put down her dog Marcie, Johnnie’s full sister at the same time for similar health concerns. Each time the family looses a pet it is just a reminder that these creatures that we welcome into our homes become family members that impact our lives forever! I will miss my Johnnie Cake a lot but I have to remember that it is for the best.

Elliptical Machine: Miles- 4.01, Calories- 655

If Wishes Were Horses
O’Brien is playing the part of a good family man and reading Rumplestiltskin to his young daughter. After she is supposed to be in bed Molly O’Brien rushes out because Rumplestiltskin is in her bedroom. To everyone’s shock he really is on board the station, along with an old Earth baseball player Buck Bokai, and a really submissive version of Dax. Each of these characters has come out of the imaginations of a different crew member. Bashir is mortified that Dax came out of his mind and it seems everyone else is getting a kick out of this, even the real Dax. The rest of the station is experiencing odd figments of their imagination from snow on the promenade to Quark dreaming up a pair of nasty harlots. Soon after a subspace rift is discovered that is threatening to destroy the station and the entire Bajoran system. The crew works tirelessly to figure out the problem while the figments continue to provide distractions on board the station. Seconds before it is too late Sisko figures it out that the whole thing is a figment of the station’s imagination and by believing that nothing is there all is fixed and back to normal. The figments reveal themselves to be a race of exploring aliens who came through the wormhole. The aliens just wanted to observe and learn but didn't know they would put everyone in danger, or were they in real danger to begin with?  

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