Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Nagus

Does it have to be Monday tomorrow???? That is really all I have for right now, sorry folks. 

The Nagus
Quark is paid a surprise visit by Zek, The Grand Nagus. The Grand Nagus is the head of the Ferengi government and business community. He also happens to be a dirty old man, but aren’t all Ferengi in all honesty. Zek asks Quark to play host to a large meeting of Ferengi business leaders and he of course agrees because everyone lives in fear of the Nagus. During a dinner with Quark, Rom, Nog and the Nagus it is revealed that Nog goes to a human school and he is ordered to quit attending the school immediately. Jake and Nog also have a hard time as both of their parents do not wish them to be friends with the other. Jake and Nog work things out in the end an Jake actually tries to teach Nog how to read! Heart Warming! Meanwhile at the large business meeting the Nagus wants to move Ferengi business into the Gamma Quadrant and he also names Quark the new Grand Nagus. Quark takes over and now at the center of a lot of controversy and death threats and a lot of questions. Essentially he is the new “godfather” of the Ferengi mob and it couldn’t be more hilarious because he reveals himself to be a bumbling idiot. After the death threat Odo gets involved and tries to help Quark but he refuses. In a secret meeting Rom and Krax ( the Nagus’ son) plot to kill Quark so that Rom gets the bar and Krax gets to be the new Nagus. Odo and Bashir suspect that Maihar’du, the Nagus’ aid to be the culprit but it turns out not to be as the Nagus is still alive. Odo saves Quark only seconds before he is blown out an airlock much to the dismay of Krax and Rom. All is forgiven with Quark and Rom and the Nagus reveals that this was all a test for Krax. Krax of course has failed the test and the Nagus keeps his job. 

The show features a fabulous guest role from Wallace Shawn who plays the Nagus. His performance as an aging, dirty-minded, horny, money grubbing old Ferengi leader is so fun to watch and something that we get to see more of because the Nagus pops up pretty frequently in the rest of the show. 

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