Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I am officially taking applications for a husband! As cliché as that must sound it is the truth, I am kinda sick of being single at the moment. Though I am fine being alone I would like to be with someone and develop a relationship. I’d like to also throw this out there but if you are reading this blog Darren Criss you can move to the front of the line because I do believe I love you! LOL how sad is that but I am not afraid to admit to having a crush on a celebrity and the best thing is that he sings, dances, plays the guitar and piano and is cute and basically adorable. Now I have not met Darren Criss so maybe he is a douche but I choose to believe he is just like his character Blaine on Glee! Like anyone else I guess I am looking for someone to share the stupid moments in life with and celebrate the good times and survive the bad ones with. I can sum it up a bunch of different ways but I’m looking for my Karaoke Partner in Crime.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 617, Miles: 3.92

Deep Space Nine is helping Bajor tap the core of one of its moons so that it can provide much needed power to many of the planets residents. A problem comes about when three life forms are discovered on the moon. Kira goes to investigate and discovers two mute bajorans and their friend Mullibok, an old man who came to the moon 40 years ago when escaped the Cardassians. Kira gets talked into dinner with Mullibok which turns into a three hour ordeal which even further turns into a good deal of bonding between Kira and Mullibok. They are in a sense kindred spirits still getting over the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Kira returns to the station to share the bad news about Mullibok refusing to leave the moon. It is decided that he must leave and Kira is once again sent out to get him off the surface but this time it gets botched when a guard shoots Mullibok with a phaser. Kira stays on to help him heal and Sisko pays a special visit to remind Kira of her duties. In the end Kira burns down Mullibok’s home and he must go with her back to Bajor. Kira feels like shit but knows in her heart that she is doing what is best for her and for Mullibok. While all of this is happening Jake and Nog are trying to make a profit by selling Cardassian yammok sauce which then turns into self-sealing stem bolts which then turns into a piece of land on Bajor and finally some money from Quark. 

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