Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Storyteller

I have sadly gone up a few pounds over the last few weeks and I am in that terrible struggle to loose them! My mind says to me “what kind of quick fix solution can we do” but my logical brain is saying “Paul stick to your guns and follow the program it has worked thus far”.

Today I went to a middle school band concert and really had a great time! I was thoroughly impressed by the performance of the students at my school and how well they played! The teachers stood up in front of the crowd and talked about Performance Etiquette and it got me thinking how nice it would be if we could just give out life etiquette lessons to people all the time in such a direct fashion. That could really make life much easier couldn’t it? For example if someone is asking you out on a date how nice would it be if you could just prep them with a nice little instruction sheet with the do’s and don’ts of how to win you over.

The Storyteller
This episode consists of two very different stories that don’t really have anything to do with each other so I will just talk about each one separately.

Chief O’Brien and Dr. Bashir have been called to a small village on Bajor that claims to be on the verge of total destruction. When they arrive it appears that the village’s Sirah or storyteller. The storyteller is responsible for helping the village beat the Dal’Rok for five days in a row each year and it is day four of the ritual. The Sirah names O’Brien as his successor and he must defeat the Dal’Rok but he has no clue what he is supposed to do. Bashir and O’Brien search for the Dal’Rok’s origin and discover that it is an artificial creation. The Sirah’s estranged apprentice attempts to kill O’Brien because of his jealousy over being usurped in his position. The three then work together to get O’Brien out of  the job and the apprentice back into the job.

Meanwhile back on the station Sisko is playing host to a negotiation between two warring groups on Bajor. The Paqu and Navot both send delegates to the station but the leader of the Paqu ends up being a 14 year old girl who is head strong and stuck in her ways. She ends up meeting Jake and Nog, the preteen welcome crew, and they help to cheer her up a little it along the way. Nog provides a little advice from the Rules of Acquisition about compromising and Jake gives her some insight into his father so that she can trust him. In the end the Paqu and Navot come to and agreement and all works out well.  

This episode is maybe one of the first true duds of the Deep Space Nine series.  It is just a bit odd and the plot holes are a bit too much to handle. 

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