Monday, December 24, 2012

The Forsaken

So this happened yesterday and today was busy doing errands and finishing up holiday shopping so I didn't have time to write up this post.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 647, Miles: 4.10

The Forsaken
The station is playing host to four Federation ambassadors and Bashir has been assigned “babysitting” duty as he is the lowest ranking senior officer. He only has to take care of three of the ambassadors because one of them is the headstrong and independent Lwaxana Troi, but the other three prove to be pains in the ass! Lwaxana after a minor incident at Quarks takes a shine to Odo and begins pursuing his affections to almost no avail. Meanwhile a strange probe has come through the wormhole and it has downloaded its memories into the file system of the station and starts causing problem after problem. O’Brien seems to think that the probe has become attached to him somehow so they try to get the program off the station but it only serves to anger the program even more. It shuts down power to nearly the whole station. During this time Lwaxana has forced her way into observing an upper pylon inspection and the two are trapped in an elevator together. Lwaxana and Odo begin to form a bond which is solidified when he is forced to revert to his original form and be held in a puddle in her skirt. O’Brien manages to isolate the program into a specific area of the computer and all returns to normal. 

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