Thursday, April 23, 2015

Doctor Bashir, I Presume?

Today was a really cool day! I attended a retirement party for a college professor of mine today and I was able to reconnect with her and a number of other people from my past that have left an incredible impact on my life. In addition to my professor who was retiring I was able to talk to the guy who got me into the field of speech/language pathology. It was great to hear how he is doing in his retirement and share my story of how my career is going thus far. It is hard to think that 8 years ago I was in the last stages of obtaining my master’s degree, the way time flies is simply put incredible. Even more fun I ran into a college classmate I had not seen in 8 years. It is just fascinating to see the directions that my classmates have gone in and the changes that are occurring at my former college. Who knows someday maybe I will become a professor.

Bike and Elliptical Machine Tonight

Doctor Bashir, I Presume?

Dr. Zimmerman, most famous for being the model and creator of the Emergency Medical Hologram seen on the Voyager, has arrived on the station to make Bashir the model for the new Long-Term Medical Hologram program. In the process Zimmerman conducts a number of interviews and we get to hear what everyone hears about Bashir and it is quite funny. Bashir’s parents arrive on the station against his desires and it is clear something is fishy here. Through an accident the parents confess that Bashir is the product of genetic engineering because he was a disabled child and the parents wanted better for him. This is illegal and to avoid getting anyone else in trouble Bashir’s father accepts a two year sentence on Earth for breaking Federation Law. On a side story Leeta is in love with Rom and he is in love with her but neither one admits it. Leeta uses Dr. Zimmerman as a way to make Rom jealous and in the end it works out and Rom and Leeta become an item.

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