Sunday, April 19, 2015

In Purgatory's Shadow & Be Inferno's Light

I posted last week to my Facebook, “Ever get the feeling something really positive is starting to happen?” Life has just been on a great trajectory these past few months/weeks and things are looking up. Late last year and early this year I went through a series of setbacks, physically, financially and emotionally. Now a few months post all of that life is on a big upswing and i’m feeling truly happy. There is a lot to be said about taking time to do some of that tough introspective work on yourself so that you can get your brain together and life together. Part of that process was setting goals for myself and thought I won’t be sharing what my goals were here because I need a little bit of privacy, I am happy to report that things are progressing.

Today I worked my hind end off to get a college class completed and I succeeded! It has been my goal for the last few years to work my butt off to reach a higher level on the pay scale by year 10 and I am going to accomplish that feat a year early! I Have one more class to complete now and then I will be done taking college classes… for now! There is still that big dream some day of pursuing a doctoral degree, but i’m going to take a few years off to enjoy life before I start looking at the adventure more seriously.

13 miles on the bike at the gym. The weather was suspect so I was stuck inside today :(

In Purgatory’s Shadow & By Inferno’s Light (2 parter)

first off… what an amazing two part episode this was… WOW! I am getting to the point where I stopped watching Star Trek for a while as a teenager. I think that is because other people thought it wasn’t cool but ya know what I say now.. Fuck Peer Pressure! So really from now on out for the most part these are episodes of Star Trek that I have never seen before.

The episode opens with Garak being called to Sisko’s office to translate a Cardassian message sent from the Gamma Quadrant. Garak says it is nothing but an old planetary survey but then he attempts to take runabout and go into the wormhole. Garak reveals that it is a distress signal from his old mentor Enabrin Tain. Sisko agrees to the rescue mission with Worf going along to accompany and assist in the rescue mission. Once in the Gamma Quadrant they are found be the Dominion and sent to a prison planet where they are held with a number of other prisoners including Tain, General Martok and Dr. Bashir. It turns out that Bashir on DS9 is a changeling and has been for over a month. On the planet Garak begins working on sending a signal to the runabout so that it can rescue everyone. It is a slow and tedious project. Tain is about to die and for another big shock it is revealed that Garak was his son all along. Back on the station Sisko finds out that the Dominion is coming and sets up a plan to collapse the wormhole. When Dax and O’Brien attempt to close the wormhole permanently it fails because the Bashir on the station sabotaged the device. As the episode closes a huge fleet of Dominion ships are seen pouring out of the wormhole.

As the second episode starts Deep Space Nine prepares for battle with the Dominion but before any fighting begins they head towards Cardassian space. Dukat takes off after the fleet and reveals that he has negotiated for Cardassia to join the Dominion, with himself as the new leader of the Cardassian government. Back in the Gamma Quadrant Garak continues to slowly work on modifying the transmitter while Worf is subjected to numerous fights with the Jem’Hadar troops. At the last minute before Worf is killed the entire group is beamed to the runabout to head home. Meanwhile on the station a large Dominion/Cardassian fleet is on its way to the station to take back what is theirs. “Bashir” has stolen a runabout and is headed for the sun to destroy the Klingon, Romulan and Federation fleets, Bajor itself and the Station. The DS9 crew catches on and he is captured and destroyed before he can do any real damage. It is revealed that the whole thing was a ploy by the Dominion for the Alpha Quadrant to be severely weakened for a larger scale invasion and attack.

This two parter really kicks off the dominion war which will now dominate the majority of episodes for the rest of the show’s 2 ½ seasons.

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