Monday, April 6, 2015

For the Uniform

I absolutely love having a Monday off! Today I was able to stay in bed until 8:30 and then make a nice healthy breakfast at my own pace and watch a little TV on the couch. The biggest victory of the day so far has been a 5 mile run at the gym. It proves that I am ready for this five mile run I registered for a few months ago. I may not be as fast as I once was but I finished it in a solid 10 minute mile pace, which isn’t bad when you take into account my injury only three months ago. The only real bummer about the run was that I had to do it on a treadmill at the gym due to the weather outside. It is April and snowing… I am seriously wanting to move somewhere a little warmer.

At the gym today I encountered a new gym person that I always feared I was but am delighted to say that I am not. Singer Guy! OMG there was a gentleman on the elliptical machine having a great time singing, dancing, air guitaring and air drumming. He was having a grand time of it though I am not sure he was getting much of a workout in today.

5 miles in 50 minutes

For The Uniform
Sisko is on the hunt for the treasonous Michael Eddington and during an encounter Eddington warns Sisko not to go after him. Eddington manages to cripple the Defiant with a virus and Starfleet pulls Sisko off the case. This infuriates Sisko but he ends up having to come to the assistance of the Captain in charge of the manhunt now. Sisko and the Defiant crew are thwarted by Eddington time after time and spirits are low. Eddington shares his favorite novel with Sisko, Les Miserables. Sisko uses Eddington’s fascination with the book against him realizing that Eddington views himself as the glorious hero willing to do anything for his cause. Sisko pushes Eddington to the edge by bombarding a Maquis planet with a deadly toxin, much like Eddington did to a few Cardassian planets. In the end to save his cause Eddington surrenders himself and the manhunt is over.

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