Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Begotten, The Ascent, The Darkness and the Light, Things Past, Rapture, Let He Who Is Without Sin, Trials and Tribble-ations, The Assignment

I continue to work out and I continue to binge watch Star Trek, as long as I am doing my workouts I am good. I have been training the last few weeks to get back to shape enough to run a race next weekend. I am able to run 4 miles pain free and that makes me feel just fine for doing a 5 mile race!

Today I spent the day with my whole extended family for Easter. I love spending time with my family! Every time we are together we laugh, joke, drink, play games, talk, remember the good times from the past and just enjoy each other’s company. Everyone today wished each other a “Happy Easter” but I really didn’t. There are two holidays a year that people all around me celebrate and I don’t. I have a hard time with religion and it has never really been a part of my life. Not to offend anyone out there but I just don’t feel a connection or need for a “god” in my life or a community based upon that. I don’t believe the whole story and I really do fully believe it is a story. Possibly based upon some good things that happened but also based upon a lot of tall tales. I guess my biggest problem is the way religion is used by some people as a weapon or a means of organize bigotry. So there is my two cents on religion for the day. Maybe not a popular view but my viewpoint.

The Assignment
Keiko O’Brien comes back to the station and tells O’Brien that she is really an alien who has taken over her body. She wants him to make several modifications to the station’s array so that she can send a message. The Chief must aqueous to her demands but ends up fooling her and all is set back to normal. This episode introduces the Pah-Wraiths, basically the Bajoran equivalent of the devil. These Pah-Wraiths will come to play a larger part in the series in the future episodes.

Trials and Tribble-ations
The crew of the Defiant end up back in time at Space Station K-7 during the Enterprise’s first encounter with the tribbles. Arn Darvin the Klingon agent has escaped and gone back in time in hopes to kill Kirk and the tribbles aboard the station. Worf, Odo, Dax, Bashir and O’Brien need to find Darvin and not interfere with the events of the timeline. This is a rollicking fun episode that paid tribute to the series’ 30th anniversary.

Let He Who Is Without Sin
Star Trek Deep Space Nine- The Romantic Comedy. Worf, Dax, Bashir, Quark and Leeta are on Risa to have a little fun. Worf, of course cannot pull the stick out of his ass to have fun and gets caught up in a movement that hopes to rid the Federation of the pleasure seeking attitudes that have made it soft. Worf eventually pulls his head out of his ass and turns around to have some fun and get these essentialists out of the way. Bashir and Leeta break up too.

Sisko becomes obsessed with an ancient Bajoran artifact and after an accident he stops at nothing to find an ancient city and speak the words of the prophets. At the same time Bajor is trying to get membership to the Federation, because of Sisko’s actions Bajor backs out of the entrance.

Things Past
Dax, Odo, Garrak and Sisko are mysteriously sent into the past on Deep Space Nine during the occupation. Things though are not as they should be and it turns out that this whole thing has come right out of Odo’s mind. He was the chief of security at the time and the time jump centers around three men who Odo convicted and had killed that he has always regretted. In the end all is worked out and everyone wakes up on the station alive.

The Darkness and the Light
Someone is hunting and killing the members of Kira’s old resistance cell on Bajor. One by one as the members of the group are killed Kira becomes more agitated and scared. She manages to track down who is killing her friends and she steals a runabout and goes to find the killer. The killer is a crazy Cardassian who wants revenge because he was injured in an attack. He plans to kill Kira and steal her baby. She is rescued just in time and all is okay.

The Ascent
Quark and Odo are stranded on a planet and must make a dangerous climb up a mountain to regain communications and get help. The two are put through hell in order to get a signal out including cold and well their love/distaste for each other’s company. The two manage to get saved in the end.

The Begotten
Kira is ready to have her baby but she can’t get enough peace and quiet to have it between O’Brien and Shakar’s fighting over her time and attention. One because he loves her and the other because she is having his child. In the other story Odo obtains an infant changeling and wants to help it to learn how to become the creature it is supposed to be. Odo gets the help from Mora Pol, the doctor who raised him long ago. The changeling ends up not living but it fuses itself into Odo’s body and he is once again a changeling.

A string of some not so great episodes to be honest! The tribbles episode is great but the other ones in this workout are not the greatest moments from Star Trek history.

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