Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Simple Investigation

I’ve said it on here many times lately and well it continues to be increasingly true, I am just so damn happy! After going through several months of shit my life turned around in a big way. I’m incredibly proud of myself for taking the steps to actively change things. I just decided that since I was unhappy I had to make changes so that I could start to be happier. I’ve been working out and eating well which as of today has resulted in a 20 pound weight loss. I am finally back to a weight that I think is a good place for me to start. I’ve set a goal to lose another 15 by August 1st. I’ve also been keeping my mind focused on much more positive things and taking time to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings.

Meeting great new people who challenge you in a lot of healthy ways really helps to. I’m not saying that my happiness is tied to other people in the slightest, but what I am saying is that sometimes different thoughts and perspectives shake up your view and outlook on life in an incredibly healthy way.

This week at my work is one of the craziest weeks of my entire school year, yearbook distribution week! Yearbook is a small part of my job when you compare it to the other duties I do as a Speech/Language Pathologist but not this week. The yearbooks go out Friday afternoon and until then it is a week of worrying, getting yelled at by parents and the best part, seeing the student’s faces as they enjoy the hard work that me and my staff have done throughout the year. I’ve already started getting yelled at by parents who have forgotten to order yearbooks for their children. It is just a statement to the level of entitlement some people in this world feel. Now, I am always polite and nice in my email responses to parents because I am ever the professional. If I could say what I want thought it would be something a bit more harsh!

Run- 3 miles
Swim- ½ mile
Sat in the Sauna too and learned a lesson about drinking more water as I nearly passed out at my locker and in the shower. I’ll be a bit more smart next time!

A Simple Investigation

This is a small but complex character story that I hate to say it ends up to be a bit of a boring episode.  Odo meets a lovely woman who appears to be a criminal but the story keeps changing and changing and he finds himself increasingly drawn to her. Arissa, it turns out, is some type of spy or espionage agent for a powerful man in the organized crime world. Odo takes it upon himself to protect her and make sure that she can testify and get her employer put behind bars. Odo and Arissa continue to become closer and closer and he eventually hides her out in his quarters. The two spend quite a passionate evening together which only serves to make things more complex for Odo. Arissa proposes an exchange with her former employer, her life for the crystal chip she is carrying with data. It turns out during the exchange that the crystal carries her true memories and appearance. Arissa was an agent chosen to infiltrate this crime ring and she is restore to her real self. Odo and Arissa meet one last time in a scene that shows Odo’s ultimate vulnerability as he navigates the way of love.

(PS... so he can't make a normal looking human face but he can master shapeshifting nipples?)

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