Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Search

What a weekend this has been! I’ve done some cleaning, work at school, a bit of grocery shopping, lunch with a friend, and some Dr. Who. I also ran a total of 8 miles over the two days. Today I ran 5 miles and it was a bit of a challenge especially for the last mile but I made it through. I have also decided that I 5 miles is my limit on the treadmill because well it is simply because of sheer boredom. Tomorrow I am taking my sister out for her birthday to go and see Maroon 5, one of her favorite bands. She is a bit more excited about it than I am but I’m still really pumped to see the show.

Day 1- 3 miles in 35 minutes
Day 2- 5 miles in 60 minutes

The Search, Parts I & II

Part I
Sisko has spent the last few months at Starfleet command to review to new potential threat of the Founders and the Jem’Hadar. He is now back with a prototype Starfleet warship, the Defiant but this ship has a few surprises in addition to its huge arsenal of weaponry. The ship has also been equipped with a cloaking device, which the Federation got from the Romulans in order to assist them with the mission at hand. Starfleet has put Sisko in charge of contacting the Founders and trying to relay a message of peace. He recruits everyone on the senior staff to take part in the mission, even Quark is asked to help with the mission. The only now part of the mission is Odo, who Starfleet has requested to be taken off senior Staff. Kira convinces Odo to go along as a representative of Bajoran interests. Once in the Gamma Quadrant Quark is charged with making contact with his business associates who then relay them onto a specific planetary relay station. Dax and O’Brien beam down to the relay station and are captured by the Jem’Hadar. Soon after the Defiant is under attack by several Jem’Hadar ships and they are easily over taken by the superior Dominion force. Odo and Kira escape the ship in a shuttle and make for the Omarion Nebula, a place that Odo has felt drawn to since he entered the Gamma Quadrant. Once there he and Kira are greeted by a shape shifter who welcomes him home.

Part II
Odo and Kira are greeted on the surface of the planet and the female shape shifter begins giving Odo a bit of a introduction to the lives and history of the shape shifters. Odo is delighted and seems to ignore Kira for a bit. Later she wants to send a transmission but the other shape shifters deny her request to keep their location secret. The shape shifters have a massive distrust of “the solids”, their name for anyone who is non shape shifter. Meanwhile Sisko and Bashir are in a shuttle on the verge of death when they are picked up by Dax and Sisko in a shuttle. They all return to the station and find that things are moving and a shaking politically. The top Starfleet command officers are there and so are the Founders. They are engaged in a series of peach talks to form an alliance but things are a bit off and so Sisko and company agree to make a run for the wormwhole and collapse it to keep the Dominion away. Meanwhile back in the Omarion Nebula kira continues to attempt a communication but finds a mysterious power signal underneath the surface. With Odo’s help the door is unlocked and all of the survivors from the Defiant are in some type of suspended animation. The female shape shifter enters and explains that they were testing them to see what would happen if a Dominion invasion were to happen. The shape shifters are revealed to be the Founders and seek to eventually take over the Alpha Quadrant. Odo decides to leave and the rest of the Defiant crew is allowed to leave as well.

Simply a great start to the third season of Deep Space Nine! Also once the Defiant showed up it allowed the series a little more freedom of movement and even just a bit more action as far as space battles go. From this moment on as well it is a slow and steady build up to the Dominion War which will take place in the last few seasons of the show. 

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