Sunday, March 10, 2013

Second Skin

Second Skin
Kira receives a communication from Bajor looking for details of her time in a Cardassian labor camp. This is utterly confusing to her because she never spent time in any labor camps during the occupation. Upon further investigation it turns out that yes she did even though she can’t remember it at all. She plans a visit to Bajor to clear the issue up but never arrives. Next Kira finds herself awoken by a few Cardassians welcoming her home where she discovers that she now appears to be a Cardassian herself. She is told that she is the daughter of a high-ranking Cardassian and was part of a sleeper undercover agent program that failed. Her Father Ghemor is brought in to visit with her and she is given medication to help her memory return.  The memories have not returned and then she is put through torture and still nothing is returned. Ghemor decides to help her escape and reveals that he is a member of the dissident movement on Cardassia who wants to overthrow the military’s rule. Meanwhile on the station Sisko and Odo blackmail Garak into helping rescue Kira and he has not choice but to travel along. At the right time Garak and crew rescue Kira and Ghemor. The whole crew returns to the station where Ghemor and Kira have a wonderful parting scene. It is also revealed that Ghemor was set up so that he could be outed as a member of the underground and executed. 

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