Sunday, March 10, 2013


Well I have simply not had the time to blog the past few days though I have worked out each day with the exception of Friday. On Thursday I participated in a broomball tournament and my friends and I took third place!!!!! I never thought I would enjoy participating in a team sport but I did and I’m pretty excited to do it next year. During the game I banged my knee up pretty badly which made me worried about running but I have been fine the last few days. Today I ran 6 miles, which is the longest run I think I have ever done. Other than that I have been doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and not doing a whole lot.

Dax appears to have some issues happening but she doesn’t want anyone to know what is wrong with her. Eventually she passes out and Bashir does a little research and finds that she is having some major medical issues between her brain and the symbiant’s brain.  Sisko and Bashir take her to Trill to be examined and they seem willing to work with her but only so far until the recommend that the slug be removed from her in order to save it.  Sisko does some investigating and determines that there was a host between her 5th and 6th hosts. When he confronts the Trill doctors they acknowledge a cover up but they don’t want it getting out that nearly 2/3 of all the population could be joined. In the end Dax goes to the underground caverns where the other slugs help her to integrate the new memories. 

Yes I know this summary sucks but It is hard to remember details a few days later. SORRY FOLKS

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