Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The 37's

Now I am not one to typically complain when I am at a place of business but today I had to make an exception to this policy. I was at the gym and a group of loud obnoxious boys were in the pool not for fitness but as some type of party. These boys were not following rules, diving and entering the lap lanes despite signage saying to leave these lanes for swimmers only. When one was in my way I surfaced and said "get out of the lane" and the boy moved away slowly. Later I heard one of the boys mockingly say, "get out of the lane." At this point I was just about done and I ended my swim at 1/4 mile as opposed to my intended 1/2 mile. This is a gym and a fitness center not a public pool for a party or some other shit. There should be parents monitoring the kids and the gym staff should be more aggressive in handling complaints. When I complained the staff said I was not the only on to complain. If I'm not wrong a private business should be able to kick anyone out of their business who is not following rule s and guidelines, right?

On a happier note I had a fantastic session with one of my clients that helped me to really remember why it is that I am a speech/language pathologist and particularly why I enjoy working with adolescents who have some more troubling behaviors.

Upper and Lower Body Weights and a 1/4 mile swim

The 37's
The Voyager finds a group of people from 1937 on a planet in the Delta Quadrant and one of them is Amelia Earhart. Turns out that a bunch of people were taken there way back when and are now living on this planet. Over 100,000 humans. The crew is offered a place to live but they all decide to stay on Voyager.

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