Thursday, March 3, 2016


Can't Stop... Won't Stop!

I ran two miles today and felt strong and ready to keep going at the end but as a promise to myself I am taking this first week easy as I get back my running feet. Wow that was a long sentences!

I'm having a great week, not that anything too cool or unique is going on just that I am having a great week and keeping the positive energy flowing. I may also be super excited because I'm traveling to see my amazing boyfriend, Chris this weekend. He lives quite far away, 2.5 hours and I have not traveled to his town for several weeks. A few hours in the car is worth it to experience a few days with the guy that I love. :)

Chakotay is out to complete a ritual and gets caught up in a Kazon initiation ritual. In the end all is well and things are set straight. Not a great episode and the first of a whole season arc exploring the Kazon.
Boom that is Nog from DS9, well the actor who plays Nog that is. 

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