Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Visionary, Distant Voices, Through the Looking Glass, Improbable Cause, The Die is Cast

Summer continues to march on here in Minnesota and that my friends is a truly sad thing for me to admit! As a school employee I really do cherish my summer’s off, even though I don’t take the whole summer off.  I have been working at the school in the Early Childhood Special Education program and at my second job the speech/language clinic.

In other more fun news I am one month into my marathon-training schedule. I am constantly amazed at how the body can adapt to new and more physically demanding tasks. I have not run anything over 6 miles since April but last weekend I ran a 9-mile course and finished strong all in all. I love running but I’m currently struggling with forgetting about the elapsed time and thinking only about the distance. Truly the only goal for the 26.2 miles is to finish and run every step of the way. Ok so that said I would like to finish in less than 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Once again it was PRIDE season in Minneapolis and I was there to celebrate festivities. Pride is a very unique “holiday” as it is a celebration of our struggles and successes as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals, which is a very noble thing to celebrate. On the other hand for some it takes on the guise of drinking heavily and random sex with as many people as possible. The community is wide and really I think there is room for all types of people and all types of celebrations.

This weeks binge watching includes the following:

O’Brien is somehow infected with a random strain of radiation that is causing him to move back and forth in the near future. He is seeing events of people’s deaths; the destruction of the station and even his own death, the problem though is solved through some clever work by O’Brien and the good doctor. Meanwhile the Romulans are on board the station learning about the Federation’s encounter with the Founders.

Distant Voices
Dr. Bashir is attacked by a telepathic alien and placed in a coma. The rest of the episode he ages and ages while encountering strange versions of the DS9 crew. In the end he figures out that he must defeat the alien in his mind before he can come out of the coma.

Through the Looking Glass
Sisko is kidnapped and brought to the mirror universe by Smiley O’Brien. The humans in the parallel universe are looking to step up their rebellion against the Klingon/Cardassian alliance and need to capture Jennifer Sisko. It seems Jennifer is working for the Cardassians but Sisko is able to convince her to join the rest of the humans so that he can return home.

Improbable Cause
Garak’s shop is destroyed and it looks like it was the Romulans who are responsible for the assassination attempt. Through an investigation Odo finds that there were other Cardassians who were murdered at the same time and Garak reveals that they were all members of the Obsidian Order. Garak and Odo travel to find Tain, the former head of the organization. The cliffhanger ends with Garak rejoining Tain.

The Die is Cast
The Obsidian Order and Romulan Tal Shiar have joined forces to make a preemptive strike against the Dominion. The Federation meanwhile does nothing to stop the fleet hoping that maybe the Cardassiansand Romulans succeed. The Federation begins to prep for an attack in the Alpha Quadrant. The Domion ambushes that fleet and attacks them as they attempt to destroy the Founders planet. Garak and Odo are rescued by the Defiant crew. It is also revealed that the Founders are in the Alpha Quadrant as spies. 

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