Sunday, July 6, 2014

Explorers, Family Business, Shakaar, Facets, The Adversary

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! I celebrated this important weekend by running a half-marathon relay! I ran a really strong 6.5 miles and could not be happier with my performance in this race. The 4th of July is all about family, friends, celebrating freedom and fireworks. I am very Happy to report that I was able to take all of those things in this weekend.

I am learning so much as I go through this crazy journey that is marathon training. Today I had a brutal 10-mile run, well I ran 8.5 of the miles and had to walk 1.5 of them throughout the race. The run was greatly impacted by the heat, humidity, wind and hills. These are excuses I know but they are big factors. I also learned from a friend that eating Asian food and heavy cream sauces the night before a run are bad things and well I did both of them. LOL.  For a time during the run today I was starting to be a little doubtful on my ability to run a marathon but I have banished those thoughts from my brain because I WILL RUN THIS THING!

Benjamin and Jake Sisko decide to test an old Bajoran legend of two men who travel from Bajor to Cardassia in a small stellar sailing ship. The journey has its bumps and hazards but eventually they make it to Cardassia and prove the legend as possible. Meanwhile Dr. Bashir meets up with an old school rival. 

Family Business
Quark and Rom are paid a visit from the Ferengi Commerece Association (FCA) regarding their mother who has apparently broken a major Ferengi law; she has earned a profit. During their visit the three struggle through family issues but eventually all is reconciled. Meanwhile back on the station everyone is a buzz about Sisko meeting Cassidy Yates, a freighter Captain and by the end of the episode romance is in the air.

The Bajoran government has lent the people of a small remote province soil reclamators designed to improve the soil once ruined by the Cardassians. The problem becomes Kira’s when Kai Winn asks her to talk to the leader Shakaar about getting the devices so that Bajor can improve soil and improve interstellar trade. Kai Winn, the newly appointed first minister, nearly instigates a civil war with her antics. In the end Shakaar announces his run for the office of first minister to oppose the Kai. 

Dax has finally had to schedule the Zhian'tara, a rite where she meets her previous host’s personalities through sharing bodies with her current friends. All goes well as she meets each host until Curzon inhabits Oda and refuses to leave. All is finally put right and Dax is glad for the experience. Also Nog is trying to pass the Starfleet entrance exam and makes it one step closer to fulfilling his dream.

The Advesary
Sisko has finally been awarded the rank of Captain! During the ceremony an ambassador informs him of a threatening situation in the Tzenkethi sector. The Defiant heads there to make Starfleet’s presence known and it turns out the Ambassador was a changeling and this was once again a plot by the Founders to breed distrust and paranoia in the Alpha Quadrant. The changeling also reveals to Odo the following message “You are too late. We are everywhere.”

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